Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.

Common Questions

  • Will my frames break if I change my interchangeable lenses?
    When you initially change your lenses, there will be some difficulty. If you experience problems with changing your lenses, please call our customer
    service department on 0800-945-399.
  • What is the difference between the SG-1 and the SG-1 V-Cut?
    The regular SG-1 has foam that goes around the inside of the lens cylinder (gasket) with notches in the foam for ventilation and “top down” ventilation. The SG-1 V-Cut has notches in the foam, for ventilation, as well as foam missing from the outer corner the eye.

  • Are the SG-1 & SG-1 V-cut lenses interchangeable?
    Yes. The SG-1 & SG-1 V-Cut lenses are interchangeable. All SG-1 lenses
    (V-Cut or regular) will fit in the SG-1 frame.
  • Why can’t I purchase just the arms (temples) for my Wiley’s?
    The arm’s (temples) are not sold as separate parts, for most of the Wiley’s. The only exceptions are found under replacement parts corresponding to the model.
  • Can any of your glasses hold a prescription?
    Yes, all of our glasses can hold a prescription except for the Revolver, the B-2 and the Saber. For more information, please go to the prescription section of our website. Please contact us regarding the prescription parameters, if you have questions about your prescription fitting into a WileyX frame.
  • Do my WileyX Glasses come with a warranty?
    Yes - Upon purchase, the warranty card must be filled in and sent back with which a 1 Year Warranty is given on any manufactural fault.
    Phone 0800-945-399 to enquire further.
    Please note that there may be a delay if parts are needed from the United States.

    Please include a return courier bag when sending in your glasses.