Leading Provider of Performance Protective Eyewear

Leading Provider of Performance Protective Eyewear

Leading Provider of Performance Protective Eyewear Reminds Riders of Need for High Velocity Vision Protection on the Road.
It is important to educate the public and help both riders and motorists decrease roadway injuries and fatalities as we head into the busy summer season. As a leading provider of performance protective eyewear systems for military, law enforcement and the general public, Wiley X,® Inc. focus attention on the hazards riders face on the road and the need to protect their precious gift of sight.

“For a variety of reasons, motorcycle riders are at much higher injury risk than passenger car occupants,by getting riders educated to wear only ‘safety rated’ protective gear every time they go out is an important part of Motorcycle Safety. Many people understand the need for a protective helmet and leathers to help prevent serious injury in an accident.

Wiley X offers a full line of sunglasses that aid rider safety in several ways. First, they protect riders against harmful UVA/UVB rays while providing the sharp vision and reducing glare to help motorcyclists read the contour of the road. Second, they reduce eyestrain and the effects of Dry Eye Syndrome that can cause eye damage and compromise the rider’s vision during long hours on the road. Third and most importantly, Wiley X’s battlefield-proven High Velocity Protection keeps riders eyes safe from a variety of dangers found on the open road — from airborne debris and flying insects to low-hanging branches and rocks kicked up by passing cars.
Oddly enough, Wiley X is the only premium performance sunglasses brand in street bike dealerships nationwide whose entire line meets the stringent ANSI Z87.1-2003 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing road-worthy protection for every rider. Some popular models provide an even higher level of protection, meeting the military’s updated GL-PD 10-12 Standard for ballistic eye protection. Most are also prescription ready, making them ideal safety equipment for riders who require corrective lenses.

Wiley X’s Climate Control™ Series sunglasses are particularly popular with riders, thanks to the company’s patented, removable, soft foam Facial Cavity™ Seal that’s designed to seal out wind, dust, debris and cold. New-for-2012 Climate Control models include the WX Echo and WX Gravity, combining cutting-edge styling with the benefits of wrap-around protection. These new models are available in a range of frame/lens combinations, allowing riders to find the ideal pair for their individual sense of style and road performance needs.