Most of the Wiley X Frames are available in a prescription lens.

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World's Most Advanced Optics Provide Wrap Compensations, Personalized Rx Fit and Accuracy 10X Higher than the leading Conventional Lenses.

Wiley X digital surfacing technology was developed to provide custom designed lenses tailored for the active enthusiast. This industry leading technology provides brilliant color contrast and enhanced depth perception. The system brings extended prescription ranges and unmatched optical performance that has the capacity to adjust the design away from the optical center, achieving edge to edge peripheral vision even in high wrap frames. Wiley X's new approach for prescription glasses provides exceptional visual acuity and lets the wearer take themselves to the limit no matter how aggressive or extreme the conditions get.

Wrap compensation takes the refracted Rx and adjusts it for the position of the frame on each individual's face. Refracted Rx is based on zero pantoscopic tilt, zero panoramic angle, and at a fixed vertex distance. Any variation from those parameters used at refraction changes how the patient will see through the lenses. Wiley Xs wrap compensation offers the ultimate in clear, sharp vision.

Wiley X digital surfacing technology creates a controlled back surface on the lens that adjusts to the angle of the eye, reducing peripheral distortion by modeling the radial motion of the eye behind the lens. Using this technology, Wiley X has created custom ANSI Z87.1-2003 certified designs that deliver its famed High Velocity Protection along with the clearest optics possible. Exclusive Wiley X prescription lenses bring new levels of superior light separation and edge to edge optical performance for an increased visual zone. Now prescription eyewear is no longer limited by peripheral distortion inherent to wrap designs in minus powers.

Our customers have relied on Wiley X for years to provide a hybrid of stylish looks and superior performance. Now with our new technology for prescription lens designs, we are changing the way the industry looks at wrapped Rx eyewear. We're excited about setting another benchmark of excellence for customized vision solutions and creating prescription products that can match the durability and design features of our frames.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I return my prescription order?
A: You can return your prescription order only if the product is defective, otherwise all prescription orders are final. Wiley X strives to provide exceptional customer service. We are committed to meeting our customers needs.

Q: What is Pupil Distance?
A: Pupillary Distance (Pupil or PD for short) is the distance in millimeters between the center of the pupil in the right eye and the center of the pupil in the left eye. A mono PD is necessary for all progressive lenses. It is measured from the nose to the center of each pupil. This measurement should be obtained from your eye care professional.

Q: What is the ADD Power (on Bi-Focal and Progressive orders)?
A: The ADD Power is the total power needed over the distance prescription which allows you to see clearly up close. A Bi-Focal, or FT-28, lens provides vision correction for distance and reading only. A progressive PAL (Progressive Additive Lens) provides vision correction for distance, intermediate, and reading.

Q: What is the Seg Height (on Bi-Focal and Progressive Orders)?
A: The Segment Height (Seg. Ht. for short) is a measurement taken by your eye care professional to determine the vertical placement of your pupil within the frame. This measurement is needed for Bifocal and Progressive lens orders.

Q: Can I get a Bi-Focal prescription for my Wiley X sunglasses?
A:Yes. Wiley X offers Single Vision, Bifocal (Flat Top) and Progressive prescription lenses.

Q: Which Wiley X models accept prescription lenses?
A: Wiley X prescription models can accommodate single, bi-focal and progressive prescription lenses. To identify prescription models on our website first select a product that interests you. Once you select it you will be taken to our product details page. If the product can accommodate a prescription lens you will see a Prescription link under the product image.

Q: What type of prescription lenses does Wiley X offer?
A: Wiley X offers conventional surfacing technology or industry leading digital surfacing technology prescription lenses. Conventional lenses can accommodate single vision, bifocal and progressive prescriptions. Digital lenses can accommodate single vision, sport and progressive prescriptions.

Q: Am I limited in the colors and styles of lenses that I can order with a prescription?
A: All Wiley X prescription lenses are made from polycarbonate material to exceed ANSI safety standards. Prescription lenses can be ordered in a variety of colors and styles such as clear, tinted, mirrored, Light Adjusting, and Polarized. We can also add anti-reflective and anti-fog coatings.

Q: Can Wiley X accommodate a complicated prescription?
A: Yes. Wiley X Digital Surfacing Technology allows us to accommodate a wider range of prescriptions with a higher degree of accuracy. If Conventional Surfacing Technology cannot accommodate your prescription, Digital likely can. Please contact one of our dealers to help you determine if one or both surfacing types can accommodate your prescription.

Q: Will my Wiley X sunglasses still be interchangeable with prescription lenses?
A: Only the SG-1, SG-1 V-Cut and Guard are interchangeable with prescription lenses. Please note: Most Wiley X interchangeable models come with two sets of lenses. You will NOT receive a second set of lenses with your prescription order.

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